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Lone Tree Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 24 reviews.

Patient Review By Dorotthy B

If one has to have a root canal...come here. I had one somewhere else in the last year and this was so much faster and much less pain. I was so Im pressed.

- Dorotthy B

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Patient Review By Maddie M

Doctor and staff was very very nice and made the visit pleasurable.

- Maddie M

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Patient Review By Kristen C

Wonderful people and very stress-free

- Kristen C

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Patient Review By Samia N

I absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Heath Parry. I was referred to him by my general dentist for an evaluation for a root canal. Dr. Parry was honest, ethical with a warm professional bed-side manner. He conducted a number of tests and determined that a root canal was not needed at this time; you dont find many doctors these days who readily do the right thing at their own financial expense (for the good of their patients). Strongly recommend him and his entire office. I know that down the road this tooth will likely need a root canal and thankfully, I have the perfect doctor to do it when the time comes.

- Samia N

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